Facebook July 10 Breaking Changes – Will your app break?

On 7 June, 2013 by Eric

So what will break existing apps?

Comments ?쐁ount??field has been removed.

So if your app uses that, you?셪l have to get on top of removing it. And replace it with?? nothing in a lot of cases.

If you query the comments object and ask for a summary ??{id}/comments?summary=true??you can still get a count, but you can?셳 field expand the summary on a wall feed for example. I have opened a question on StackOverflow regarding this here.


The best alternative without extra calls is to at least count the comments there were delivered as part of your query.

Also to remember to remove the “publish_checkin” permission from your auth requests.

Checkins have been removed. 혻

These have been replaced with regular old status posts, so if you are posting using the graph api, just replace the POST to ?쐁heckins??to ?쐄eed??and you?셪l be right as rain.

The only thing to be wry of, is that posting a status with no message (as you would a checkin) is as far as I?셫 concerned, undocumented혻behaviour . It works now, but perhaps once July 10 actually kicks in, it might not work, so I would encourage including a message to go along with the ?쐁heckin?? I think this is sound advice because I think the logic behind removing pure checkins was to remove posts of low quality, ones without any message.

There are a few other changes, so it?셲 worth having a review over at

But I suspect the rest of the changes will only impact those who were already ?쐂oing it wrong??

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